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Black Garlics of Containing Fructose
Black Garlics of Containing Fructose
Black Garlics of Containing Fructose
Black Garlics of Containing Fructose
Black Garlics of Containing Fructose

Black Garlics of Containing Fructose

Prezzo unitario: USD 12 - 14 / Kilogram
Tipo di pagamento: L/C,T/T,Paypal,Western Union
Quantità di ordine minimo: 100 Kilogram
Termine di consegna: 20 giorni

Informazioni basilari

    Modello: LRZ-122

    Tipo: Normale Bianco

    Style: Whole

    Colore: Aglio bianco della pelle

    Name: Whole Black Garlic

    Size: 5.5-6.5CM

    Weight: 500g/bag

    Water Content: 30%

    Origin: Zhucheng

    Validity: 24 Months

Additional Info

    Pacchetto: Vacuum bag or can

    produttività: 300tons/year

    marchio: TONGXI

    Trasporti: Ocean,Land,Air

    Luogo di origine: Zhucheng city

    Abilità del rifornimento: 300tons/year


    Codice SA: 2005999990

    Porta: Qingdao Port

Descrizione del prodotto

Whole Black Garlic

Name Raw garlic Fermented Black Garlic
Sodium 5 45
Magnesium 2.8 36
Potassium 4.8 56
Calcium 6.3 13
Iron 1.8 2.1
Zinc 0.82 1.4
Quantity of heart 130 225.54
Carbohydrate 23 48.68
Fat 0.5 1.34
Monosaccharide 18.3 33.75
Dietary fiber 1.76 3.3
Vitamin B1 0.01 0.03
Gary matter 1.43 1.63

Multi Black Garlic 001

Whole Foods Black Garlic Product Description

peeled black garlic 1
1.It is a powerful antioxidant that helps fighting fatigue and ageing effectively.
2.Contains Multi Bulb Black Garlic 12 heads/bag , totally natural, obtained through garlic fermentation, without any added colorings or preservatives.
3.Its licorice flavor ensures no bad breath.
4.Use it in any recipe: salmon toast with black garlic, beef meat with black garlic sauce, hummus with black garlic, black garlic gazpacho, asparagus with black garlic aioli, you name it! You can also have a couple of cloves every morning before breakfast.
5.Keep in a dry and fresh space.

The role of amino acids in Fermented Whole Black Garlic
1.Promote appetite increase and anti-anemia effect, accelerate wound healing, cure liver function failure
2.Lower blood glucose levels, promote sleep, relieve migraines, and help control alcoholism
3.Strengthen immunity, prevent tooth decay, promote child growth, and help eliminate certain infertility
4.Prevent fatty liver, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease, remove harmful substances such as lead and other heavy metals
5.After the disease, postpartum hair loss has curative effect
6.Turn into tyrosine in the body, promote the synthesis of thyroid hormone and adrenal hormone, reduce hunger pangs
7.Prevention and treatment of alzheimer's disease, the treatment of chronic diseases such as gastric ulcer, mental inflammation has effect

8.Promotes the synthesis of haemoglobin, can serve as the treatment medicine of liver coma
9.Increasing muscle strength, maintaining sexual function and contributing to the treatment of sperm reduction
10.The liver has protective effect, can treat angina pectoris, to myocardial infarction and so on have control effect

11.Prevent hypertension, diabetes, blood clotting, thrombus

Multi Black Garlic 013
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